Chlorogenic Acid Green Coffee Bean Extract (Dr. Oz)

Because of the hype surrounding Green Coffee Bean Extract, you really need to be careful what you are buying. I am seeing tons of companies jumping out of nowhere selling Green Coffee Bean Extract. In Google, on Amazon, Ebay and other places. You really don’t know what you are getting. There are a couple things you need to look for when buying it. The biggest?

Dr. Oz’s Weight Loss Project w/ Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract with Chlorogenic Acid

So what things should you look for when buying your green coffee bean extract supplement?

  • 45% or higher Chlorogenic Acid (You won’t find more than 50%)
  • Pure (no additives or other ingredients)
  • 200mg or 400mg capsules (anything less and you will be taking a ton of pills)
  • Reputable Brands (Genesis Today, Life Extension, Svetol, NRG-X Labs)

What did Dr. Oz recommend?

  • 45% or higher Chlorogenic Acid
  • The Svetol Trademark
  • Says GCA on the Bottle 9Green Coffee Antioxidants)

I wouldn’t even recommend buying from Amazon or Ebay just because anyone can sell there. You don’t really know what you are buying or where it’s coming from. Someone’s basement perhaps? Stick with reputable companies. I know Dr. Lindsey Duncan recommended and They both sell these products, so I would recommend purchasing there to be safe.

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