How much green coffee bean extract should i take?

With all the websites selling Green Coffee Bean Extract, and each one stating that you should take this much, or that they are pure, or that’s it the brand seen on TV, you really don’t know what you are getting anymore. I personally have never seen so many fly-by-night companies showing up for just one product, it makes my head spin. Anyway, if you are looking for the actual product seen on Dr. Oz, check out my other blog post, if you want to know exactly how much green coffee bean extract to take, I can answer that for you here.

How much green coffee bean extract should i take?

800mg 2x Per Day

After re-watching the actual Dr. Oz Show with Dr. Lindsey Duncan, they both recommended that you take 800mg 2x per day before large meals. Now this is them pushing the Genesis Today product, which is pure and the brand seen on TV. So if you are looking at another brand, it could be different. If you have Genesis Today’s brand, 800mg is 2 capsules, so you would be taking 4 capsules per day.

I hope this finally answers your question.

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