Take Green Coffee Bean Extract Before or After Meals?

With every dietary supplement out there, you usually have certain directions and instructions on how to take the product. If you don’t listen to these directions, the product may not work for you at all or not as effective as it could be. This is especially true with weight loss supplements like Green Coffee Bean Extract. They work a certain way because of how and when you take it. So when should you take Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Do I Take Green Coffee Bean Extract Before or After Meals

I went straight to Dr. Oz for this one. If you recall, Dr. Oz had on Dr. Lindsey Duncan. They were the ones that brought this supplement to the mainstream audience. In that segment and on the bottle of all the popular supplements, they recommend one thing. You should take this product 2 times per day right before big meals. They said that this works even better if they are higher carb meals. In studies and trials this is when it was taken and they had the best results, so we would recommend that you stick with these directions and take it before meals!

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