Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Have Caffeine?

One common question that we receive about green coffee bean extract is whether or not it has caffeine in it? Due to the actual name saying ‘coffee’ one would expect the same amount of caffeine to be in this supplement as maybe a cup of coffee. But this is not true. Most capsules or tablets of green coffee bean only contain 10-16mg per 800mg dose. If you look at what Dr. Oz recommends per day, you are only getting about 30mg or so of caffeine extra per day, which is 1/2 a can of pop. This should make those that are sensitive to caffeine very happy. But if you are still concerned, just start out with a lower dose and see how it effects you.

We have listed below some of the top selling green coffee bean extract supplements and the amount of caffeine in all of them. This should help you decide which one too take.

Genesis Today Green Coffee Bean = 16mg Per 800mg Dose (2 Capsules)

Life Extension CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Bean = 24mg per 800mg Dose (2 Capsules)

NRG-X Labs Green Coffee Bean = 16mg Per 800mg Dose (2 Capsules)

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